Modern Mapping

Genome mapping for innovation


Do you doubt the quality of your assembly? Need to improve it? Do you dream about reliable data on structural variation in crop accessions? As one of the first in Europe, we routinely perform optical mapping for complex crop genomes. Data from in-house generated high molecular weight DNA isolations are fully integrated into our sequencing and assembly pipelines. Genome assemblies of unparalleled quality are generated that bridge the gap between base pairs and chromosomes and between geneticists, breeders and DNA.

Optical mapping is currently the most innovative way to analyse DNA molecules and chromosomes at the megabase level. We have the first and currently only apparatus in the Netherlands. This system uses nanotechnology and barcodes long molecules of DNA with nicking enzymes and tags to generate a completely new type of physical map. Such optical mapping enables us to identify and correct major errors in the public tomato genome assembly. The combination of optical mapping and hybrid assembly defines the new standard for genome quality.