Genomes @ work: preparing for petabytes

Need a genome? Want to compare genomes? Need to know about gene expression or function? Determining full DNA genomes is now attractive and affordable. Yet, every sequencing platform has its best uses and requires a targeted approach to extract maximum value. We offer broad experience and expertise in sequencing platforms, both modern long-read single-molecule as well as short-to-medium size PCR-based sequencing. State-of the art technologies are available for previously unthinkable applications. We specialize in complex genomes and metagenomes and are prepared for petabytes. Data are assembled into full genomes using the best software available, adjusted to the challenges at hand. Hybrid assemblies of complex genome data is our forte. Big data may surprise you, they have no surprises for us.

The longest DNA molecule we have sequenced on our PacBio is now over 60 kB long. Routinely we generate 1 Tb sequence per full HiSeq2500 run. Hybrid assembly of complex polyploid genomes such as that of potato is progressing towards smooth haploblock typing, analysed and visualised using smart combinations of tools available publicly or privately, or applications developed in-house.